A few months ago, TCoffee and Code managed to highlight everything about the Test-Driven Development. The webinar featured Stephen Ball and Jens Fudge as they discussed the importance of Test-driven development in programming, especially in Delphi.  We also get to know more about Unit testing and all its notable advantages in windows program development. Interestingly, in this new TCoffee and Code session, we will look deeper into this topic and learn more about different levels of testing, source metrics, and code coverage.

What are the different levels of testing?

Joining the panel for this webinar are some of the prolific developers and Embarcadero MVPs such as Ian Barker, Bob Swart, Dalija Prasnikar, and Alister Christie. The two-hour-long webinar will mostly focus on the four different levels of testing. Generally, there are four identified levels of testing including the Unit Test, Integration Test, System Test, and Acceptance Test. Each level of testing has its own purpose. Unit Testing, for instance, is the starting level that checks if software components are fulfilling their functionalities or not. Integration Testing, on the other hand, checks the data flow and integration between classes and other code components while system testing is performed on a complete system and checks the overall interaction of components. Lastly, Acceptance testing is done to check if the system meets the specifications and requirements.

What are source code metrics and what does code coverage mean?

All the aforementioned testing procedures were done using Delphi-focused testing tools such as DUnit, DUnitX, TestInsight, and more. Aside from the levels of testing and the test-driven development, this discussion will also highlight the use of Source metrics and code coverage in Delphi. The panel will discuss the use of various code quality tools like Audits & Metrics in Delphi, Method Toxicity Metrics, Peganza’s Pascal Expert and Pascal Analyzer, TM FixInsight, and more.

Feel free to join this TCoffee and Code webinar session to learn more about the different levels of testing, source metrics, test-driven development, and code coverage.

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