LearnDelphi.org is a joint effort between Embarcadero Technologies and members of the developer, educator, and trainer communities.

The Delphi programming language is an ideal tool for anyone new to programming who wants to learn how to program.

It provides diverse language features, the foundation for good practices, and a rewarding platform to quickly build useful programs on a variety of platforms.

Our Mission

LearnDelphi.org is a community driven website dedicated to providing free educational and training content. Everyone is welcome to take part in the learning process. All content is provided freely for re-use and modification in educational settings: including self learning, integration into classroom curriculum, online training, public and private schools, and one-on-one tutoring. If you are teaching or learning to program with Delphi then these resources are for you.

What to expect from LearnDelphi.org

  • Text books, labs, slides, code, and more ready to be included in your classroom.

  • Links to free tools for educators and students.

  • Prerecorded video segments.

  • Reusable presentations, labs, and scripts.

  • An opportunity to volunteer and share your expertise with others

  • Answers to technical and pedagogical questions.

  • Guidance on finding and building a ready to use curriculum.

  • All free for everyone!