Learn How to Build an Android App in Python Using the Python4Delphi Library

Python and Delphi are two powerful and high-level programming languages that are commonly used by many developers today. The choice between Python and Delphi depends on the specific requirements of your project. Each language comes with distinct purpose and characteristics. Delphi, for instance, is known for its Rapid Application Development (RAD) that has big advantage when it comes to Windows application development. It allows developers to quickly build windows application with the user-friendly visual development environment. Also, with its Firemonkey framework, you can easily build cross-platform application available in different platforms like Android, iOS, macOS and Linux.

Python, on the other hand, is known for its beginner-friendly features, its simplicity and versatility. It is also often referred to as a swiss army knife because you can easily achieve any software implementation using third-party python libraries or packages. However, if you are a Pythonista who wants to develop an Android application, what you need is third-party framework which will allow you to create Android application without losing your comfort around Python.

Introducing Python4Delphi Library and DelphiFMX for Python

In this video, from the recently concluded PyGAC 2023, Priyatham & Lucas Belo will show us how to effectively take advantage of the Python4Delphi library and be able to create a working Android application using Python and Delphi coding environment. It should be noted that Python was originally not designed to be suitable for Android development. Delphi, however, has developed a built-in support for cross platform including Android via Firemonkey framework.

To explore the possibility of Android Application support of Delphi in Python, what you need is a framework that will act as a bridge between the two languages. Python4Delphi or simply P4D is the core technology that powers the whole python-delphi ecosystem. It is a bi-directional bridge between Delphi and Python. It brings the powerful compiled language of Delphi in Python and brings the Python’s extensive libraries to Delphi.

Through the Delphi FMX for Python, it successfully breaks the barrier for python developers to enter Android Development. Delphi FMX provides huge set of GUI components to build any type of GUI application in Python. Each FMX component will be wrapped in Delphi provided to Python package. The video also highlights the use of the Python FMX Builder, an application to create the suitable Python environment for the Android device, which seamlessly installs the delphiFMX then build and launch the android app. We also get an overview of how Delphi4Python Exporter works. It is a tool to export the Delphi GUI applications design code to python.

To learn more about this Python and Delphi Synergy and how to effectively create Android app in Python, feel free to watch the video below.

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