Learn How to Effectively Build and Optimize Your Desktop App using Python and Delphi

The user interface of an app is the one that directly impacts the users, optimizing both User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) is very crucial not just in Windows application development but to all other platforms as well. Be mindful that a well-designed User interface and a positive User experience contribute to user satisfaction which is what most developers are aiming to.

For Pythonista, creating a GUI application has never been an easy task. It requires developers to write tiresome design code. While it is indeed possible to create a visually appealing user interface using the Python programming language, it can be time-consuming. In this video from the recently concluded PyGAC 2023, Priyatham will share an effective strategy on how to build and optimize a Desktop UI and UX using both Python and Delphi IDE.

How to Build and Optimize Your Application Using Python and Delphi

In this session, Priyatham will build a simple “To Do Application” by writing codes using Python. After successfully building the application, Priyatham will optimize it to make it more visually appealing and user-friendly. To do so, he will take advantage of Delphi’s in-IDE WYSIWYG GUI designer. The great thing about using this in-IDE visual designer is that you see your live web app while developing it.

In this video, he will walk us through the process of using and utilizing Delphi’s WYSIWYG GUI designer. For Python users, you can get these features from the Python GUI eBook Bundle along with other features including 15 delphiFMX for Python Styles, 14 DelphiVCL for Python styles, and many more. In addition to that, Priyatham will also demonstrate how to seamlessly export the code back to Python using the Exporter tool (also included in the DlephiFMX Python package) and how to add the application logic on top of it.

Feel free to watch the video below to learn more.  

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