The best way to learn Delphi and Object Pascal is with Embarcadero’s RAD Studio, a powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and a robust set of libraries and frameworks that makes building applications easy. Delphi in RAD Studio is a commercial product, but is available for most education uses for free. Depending on your requirements, you may need a different type of license.

Community Edition

Free Non-Commercial Licenses - Restrictions Apply

All the features of the Professional edition of Delphi available with a free license if you have your own or a dedicated PC. You install a named license after you register online. There are restrictions on the use of this license. These are clearly explained upon download. This is ideal for student’s home projects or in a setting where you can have a dedicated PC.

Download Community Edition

Academic Editions

Selected Academics Use Only

Many schools want to have one or more computer rooms outfitted with Delphi, for this we offer specific academic editions. These are not specific for individuals. They are issued to the school. What is great is that students can use these in class and still have the Community Editions installed on their personal machines to practice and learn at home.

Request An Academic License



    RAD Studio Academic PRO License


    The RAD Studio Academic Licenses are intended to be used for education and training purposes and are for non-commercial use. The subleases, transfer or commercial resale of the software to third parties is prohibited.


    • The RAD Studio Concurrent Licenses will be valid for 12 months from the date of the agreement and include maintenance for the full term.


    • The RAD Studio Concurrent Licenses will be hosted on a license server administered by the University or Organization.

    • A single RAD Studio User Workstation License can only be used for one student(named user) and will be tied to the named users' workstation or laptop.


    The following cases will require termination of the contract, destruction of the license key and all copies of the software to be uninstalled permanently.

    • A user is no longer a student of the University or Organization

    • The agreement between the University or Organization and Embarcadero has ended

    • A user’s employment contract with the University or Organization has ended

    • The terms of the Special Provisions listed above or Embarcadero's EULA have been violated