We’re back with another TCoffee and Code Session. This weekly virtual meeting series was recently launched on Embarcadero Technologies YouTube Channel in response to the current global pandemic. The aim of the series is to gather some of the most prolific developers to discuss various topics related to the industry in an informal, non-scripted, coffee conversation way. In this video, Stephen Ball will be joined by Daniele Teti to share the success story behind the most popular Delphi Github project, the DelphiMVCFramework.

The Success of DelphiMVCFramework

In this video, Stephen Ball will have a one-on-one interview with Daniele Teti, the CEO and R&D Director of BitTimeProfessionals. Apart from being the CEO, Daniele is also best known for his successful Delphi open-source project on GitHub, the DelphiMVCFramework which is considered to be one of the most popular Delphi projects since 2017. Delphi MVC framework provides an easy-to-use scalable flexible RESTful, JSON-RPC, and ActiveRecord Frameworks for Delphi Developers. In this video, Teti will share the project’s humble origin and success. He will share why he has a chosen open source and how running an open-source project benefited him. We will also learn how this became one of the useful windows tools for developers.

More About Managing Open-Source Projects

With over 30 active contributors, and communities in multiple languages, Daniele Teti will share his insights on why and when Open source is useful. He will also share tips on how to monetize open source as well as the lessons he learned along the way.

To learn more about this successful story behind the most popular Delphi open-source project, feel free to join this 1-hour-long webinar (virtual interview).

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