Mind your language

TCoffee and Code is an informal virtual meeting series launched in the Embarcadero Technologies YouTube channel where a group of expert developers discusses everything related to programming, encoding, software development, and more. Interestingly, in this particular session, Embarcadero MVPs Stephen Ball, Marco Cantu, and David Millington will talk about the most important element in programming – the programming language!

Object Pascal and C++ Programming Languages

There is a great number of programming languages available today but this session will highlight two of the most used programming languages, Delphi’s Object Pascal and the C++ Programming languages. Ball, Cantu, and Millington will walk us through the fascinating history of the aforementioned languages and how they rapidly evolved over the years and how these evolution brought drastic change in development on windows. They will also share their own thoughts about their most favorite features and how these languages are being used in RAD Studio today.

Connecting Delphi and C++

Aside from discussing the notable features that have been added for both Delphi and C++ over the years and how these extensions made an impact on these languages, the team will also discuss the considerations or the possibilities of Delphi and C++ working together. RAD Studio, for instance, is a powerful IDE that is capable of compiling both Delphi and C++ in one project and allows you to embrace the best of both languages.

If you want to learn more about these programming languages and which one suits you the best, feel free to join this one-hour-long TCoffee and Code session below.

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