scripting and native code

Jim McKeeth is back with another TCoffee and Code session, a virtual coffee conversation between expert developers where they discuss various topics about programming, development, and more. In this session, McKeeth will be accompanied by Miguel Moreno to discuss the beauty of integrating scripting and native codes. Unlike the previous sessions, this one will be driven around the questions thrown by the audiences from the basic scripting elements to the most advanced script engine solutions. This session will help us understand the beauty of native windows development.

Combining Scripting with Native Codes

The discussion highlights the advantages of integrating scripting with native codes. In the video they address questions like why would you combine scripting with native and why would you script things in the first place? They will also share their own thoughts on why would someone want to include scripting in their application. The conversation will also provide overviews of different scripting languages that most developers implicitly use today as well as the ups and downs of using them.

Scripting Engine

Another interesting topic from this TCoffee and Code Session is the use of the scripting engine. Generally, a scripting engine is one that allows you to run custom code a runtime interpreter where you no longer need to compile codes and is run directly either on an application or in a shell. They also highlight how these script engines became extremely beneficial in developing games because it gives programmers the ability to add custom features or custom functionality in their game.

They will also provide us overviews and demos of some popularly used script engines like LUA, PyScripter, FireDAC, Python4Delphi, and more. Feel free to watch the video below to learn more.

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