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Which Programming Language Suits You Best? Delphi, C++, or Both?

TCoffee and Code is an informal virtual meeting series launched in the Embarcadero Technologies YouTube channel where a group of expert developers discusses everything related to programming, encoding, software development, and more. Interestingly, in this particular session, Embarcadero MVPs Stephen Ball, Marco Cantu, and David Millington will talk about the most important element in programming – the programming language! Object…

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Archaeological Museum Utilizes Powerful RAD Server And Beacon Fence Solution With Delphi

Miyazaki Prefectural Saitobaru Archaeological Museum has built an app for smartphones, “Saitobaru Archaeological Expo Navi,” which provides navigation in the museum, guidance on exhibits, etc. in multiple languages ​​using solutions provided by Embarcadero and Marubeni Information Systems. did. This solution consists of a power-saving beacon that emits radio waves (using “rapiNAVI Air2” manufactured by Marubeni Information Systems) and Embarcadero’s software development…

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