The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a topic of one of the TCoffee and Code sessions by Embarcadero and from there, we have learned that the possibilities for innovation are increasing every single day.

Today, most of the devices we have at home are being controlled by smartphones. With the help of some windows application development, we can control devices with just a few quick taps on our phone. In this video, we will see how innovative technology can go using a smartwatch and Delphi. This video led by Sileide Campos and Victory Fernandes from the recently concluded DelphiCon 2021 will show us how they managed to program a Smartwatch to control devices using Delphi.

What happens when an Android smartwatch meets Delphi?

The so-called Internet of Things rapidly evolved from simple embedded systems in single-function devices like microwave ovens to the most advanced technology algorithm applied to modern devices. Every day, a new smaller, faster, and thinner technology is being introduced in the market. Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular allowing people to easily control appliances and devices like lamps, thermostats, cameras, and television by using the apps that they download on their smartphones. In this video, we will be introduced to another innovative gadget that works the same as your smartphone – the smartwatch.

Using some well-known smartwatches that run on Android like TicWatch, Campos and Fernandes will demonstrate how surprisingly easy and fast it is to put apps on your smartwatch using Delphi and be able to control various devices. The video will also highlight the advantages of using WearOS to develop apps for your smartwatch as well as some near application ideas that you can develop using the system.

How do I control devices using an Android smartwatch?

The most interesting part of this video is the actual demonstration of how the smartwatch app works. In this video, we will get to see some actual applications and how they managed to program them using the Delphi RAD Studio. This includes an easy and no-code QR code application that can verify users if they are already vaccinated or not. The samples also include a Google Map application, Bluetooth Low Energy app, and other more complex devices that run with ESP32 microcontrollers. They also demonstrate the user’s capability to configure and change layouts according to the smartwatch model.

To learn more about this interesting piece of technology and how it works with Delphi, feel free to watch the video below.

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