Security should always be the top-most priority whether you are the developer of an application or the end-user. In this TCoffee and Code session, Embarcadero MVPs Jim McKeeth, Ian Barker, Charles Anderson, Zach Briggs, and Glenn Dufke have a 2-hour-long conversation which entirely focuses on security. The topic highlights a comprehensive developer’s guide to security. Here, they address everything from Supply Chain Risk such as ‘poisoned’ APIs and SDKS to the danger of dealing with cracked software.

Security isn’t just stopping hackers; it’s API and SDK and supply-chain security too.

This great collection of very experienced developers also tackle the proper way of dealing with and understanding your libraries and the most effective ways to prevent your data from being hacked or compromised due to many risk factors. The discussion highlights important security-related topics including password protection, biometric systems, application security, regulatory compliance, encryption, and other equally important security-related windows app development tools.

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Security. How to learn from their experiences and what you should know.

For software developers, designers and managers, this conversations also focuses on the Do’s and Don’ts when designing and developing software. They guide us through the right way to develop an application safely and securely and how to write secure code. The team also focus on how to protect data whether it is a movement or at rest as well as securing your interactions with the development platform and how to deploy your project securely.

Why not grab a coffee and join in the conversation?

If you want to know more about security and its crucial role in software development, feel free to watch this TCoffee and Code session below and learn from this relaxed and fact-filled developer conversation over some coffee and, of course, code.   

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