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All You Need To Implement Search By Image

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform with more than 200 products to find a solution to your problem. Among those, Cognitive Services are some amazing products that provide you with many AI functionalities. For example: Anomaly detector Content moderator Personalizer Language understanding QnA maker Text analytics Translator Speech service Computer vision Custom vision Face API Cognitive services multi-service account With…

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Everything You Need To Know About App Security Is Here

Security should always be the top-most priority whether you are the developer of an application or the end-user. In this TCoffee and Code session, Embarcadero MVPs Jim McKeeth, Ian Barker, Charles Anderson, Zach Briggs, and Glenn Dufke have a 2-hour-long conversation which entirely focuses on security. The topic highlights a comprehensive developer’s guide to security. Here, they address everything from…

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