Developer Tore Ottinsen had this to say about his app Orbit Xplorer “I am a retired high school physics teacher and a hobby Delphi programmer. This is my latest physics app, written in FMX for Windows. Hoping to do a Mac version soon.” It’s a good example of how accessible Delphi is as an IDE and Object Pascal as a programming language. According to the website “Orbit Xplorer is an easy-to-use orbit simulator suitable for high school, college and university students and teachers, or anyone with an interest in physics and astronomy. For the first time you can do “lab exercises” in gravitational physics! If you are solving problems involving orbits of satellites, planets or stars it will be exciting to simulate the problem in Orbit Xplorer and compare its numerical output with your own solutions.” Orbit Xplorer makes use of FireMonkey and a good number of FireMonkey styles.


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