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How To Convert Your VCL Database Software To Mobile & Cross Platform Apps

VCL has always been part of native windows development specifically for developing user interfaces for Microsoft applications. While this GUI framework comes with a huge library of visual components and a robust collection of 3rd party components, it only supports Windows-based development. The FireMonkey framework, on the other hand, is designed for building multi-device cross platform apps including all the…

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Powerful Cross Platform Multitrack Music Recording Software Built In Delphi FireMonkey

MultitrackStudio from Bremmers Audio Design is a multitrack music recording software which supports recording, editing and mixing audio and MIDI tracks. With the growth of Mac worldwide, MultitrackStudio developers felt the urgency of making their application available on macOS. They had previously used Delphi with VCL (Visual Component Library) a visual component based object oriented framework for developing Microsoft Windows…

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Delphi GUI Programming with FireMonkey Book

Create modern yet effective multi-platform applications by building interactive UIs following a single codebase approach to boost productivity Key Features Delve into the FireMonkey framework and explore its powerful capabilities Enhance the user experience by using various technologies included in Delphi and FMX Boost developer productivity through the cross-platform capabilities enabled by the framework

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