Ian Barker is back in another TCoffee and Code session. Joining him in this virtual conversation are his fellow Embarcadero MVPs like Holger Flick (FlixEngineering), Olaf Monien, Malcolm Groves, and Jim McKeeth to discuss everything about Dockers, Containers, and other similar platforms. In this video, they provide a comprehensive comparison between Virtual Machines and Containers as well as those common misconceptions about the two.

What is the difference between Containers and Virtual Machines?

Containerization allows developers to create and deploy applications faster and more securely compared to traditional methods. Virtual machines, on the other hand, are defined as an abstraction of physical hardware turning one server into many servers. While these are two different platforms, both Container and Virtual machines can work together to provide a great deal of flexibility in windows program development. The team will also answer various queries from their webinar attendees during the entire course of this 2-hour-long TCoffee and Code Session.

How can you choose between Linux, Windows and other platforms when using containers?

In this video, they will discuss which operating system is better when it comes to docker engine ~ Linus or Windows? Here, they will provide their thoughts about their personal preferences and will also highlight other platforms like HHVM, Facebook’s HipHop Virtual Machine, Vagrant, and many others. They also discuss the pros and cons of using Kubernetes, which is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications, as well as the right docker engine for various applications (Web, GUI, and Database).

If you want to know more about Dockers and Containers, feel free to watch this TCoffee and Code Session below.

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