Localization is very important in software development. It generally allows your software to conform to the cultural norms and linguistic trends of the people who will be using your software in any given geographic region. In this video from the recently concluded DelphiCon 2021, Gleb Sitikov will introduce us to TsiLang Component Suite and will tackle how this powerful and useful, yet flexible and simple component is an absolute must for windows application development in 2021.

What you need to know about the TsiLang Component Suite

While developers might have been armed with tools to tackle the cross-platform issue, the localization of their software is still up to them to solve.  They can solve it by coding it from the ground up which can be very time-consuming and might delay the production time. To top it all, it adds more complexity, and it might result in some bugs too. This is where the TsiLang Component Suite comes into play. The TsiLang Component Suite has been in front of the market for many years now, continuously providing users with powerful and easy-to-use tools and components to resolve their localization needs. It offers both multi-platform and multilingual UI support.

What are the tools included in the Tsilang Component Suite?

The TsiLang Component Suite is a set of tools and components for RAD Studio that helps you to localize the user interface of your application in surprisingly just three steps. The suite also comes with many useful tools including the TsiLang Wizard that can help you speed up and simplify the setting of multilingual support. You can use this tool to insert all needed components onto your forms and configure them accordingly. Sitikov will also highlight other components like TsiLang Expert, SIL Editor, and Dictionary Manager. He will also provide short demonstration and show us how each tool works. To know more about the TsiLang Component Suite, feel free to watch the DelphiCon webinar below.

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