DelphiCon, the biggest annual online conference about Embarcadero and Delphi, officially kicked off last November. The highly anticipated event gathered a top-tier lineup of speakers to discuss the future of development with Delphi and a wide range of interesting topics that are absolutely worth watching. In this video from the recently concluded DelphiCon 2021, Jackson Gomes will walk us through the process of beautifying Intraweb Applications using the Bootstrap framework.

How can I user IntraWeb with HTML Templates?

Jackson will give us a brief overview of Intraweb and how this framework tool can simplify web server and windows application development. According to Gomes, using both Delphi and IntraWeb for web development covers both powerful back-end for developers and flexible front-end for users. The video will also introduce us to HTML Templates and how they can be used to customize the user interface of your IntraWeb app. There is a great and seemingly overwhelming number of templates to choose from. Most of these templates are free. With the use of HTML, CSS, and Custom JavaScript on templates, you can design the User Interface of your application any way you want.

How can we use Bootstrap in our Delphi applications?

The core topic for this webinar is the application of Bootstrap and how this framework can drastically transform a very simple IntraWeb application in terms of User Interface to a modern-looking and visually appealing one. While this may not be a full course tutorial, Jackson will walk us through a step-by-step process of applying Bootstrap templates to your IntraWeb Application. The demo will show us how to utilize the majority of the feature offered by Bootstrap including the use of basic web elements and classes to make the interface more inviting.

To learn more about Bootstrap, feel free to watch this DelphiCon video below.

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