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Discover The Success Behind The Most Popular Delphi Open-Source GitHub Project

We’re back with another TCoffee and Code Session. This weekly virtual meeting series was recently launched on Embarcadero Technologies YouTube Channel in response to the current global pandemic. The aim of the series is to gather some of the most prolific developers to discuss various topics related to the industry in an informal, non-scripted, coffee conversation way. In this video,…

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HeidiSQL Is A Lightweight Open Source Database Management Tool Built In Delphi

Developer Ansgar Becker created HeidiSQL as lightweight open source database management tool which supports MariaDB, MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite. It makes use of Delphi’s native VCL styles very effectively to provide a nice looking interface which the developer can customize for their preference. Some of it’s powerful features include connecting via SSH tunnel, creating and editing tables, views,…

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