What You Should Know About Quartex Pascal and How it Makes RAD Work for JavaScript

JavaScript, as we all know, is more like the default language of the Internet. Most of the browsers that we know and use today are developed using the JavaScript programming language. Knowing that browsers are a necessary part of any user’s online experience and can contribute toward achieving cross platform development, it is easy to see why JavaScript is so significant and popular today. However, if you are a developer who has a personal choice of programming language and yet wants to take advantage of JavaScript’s web technology features, it is possible yet a hard task to do. This is where Quartex Pascal comes into play.

What is Quartex Pascal?

In this video from the recently concluded DelphiCon 2023, Jon Aasenden of DIPS ASA will introduce us to his project known as the Quartex Pascal and how it helps and allows developers to tap into web technology and enjoy the full might of modern mobile, server, and Windows program development. Generally, Object Pascal is a stand-alone object Pascal IDE, a compiler, a run-time library, and a development system. It allows you to write code in your favorite Object Pascal or programming language and the Quartex generates high-performance JavaScript.

Quartex generally plays some sort of bridge between the two languages, allowing developers to embrace the best of both worlds. Quartex or QTX is a completely Community funded project and is also 100 percent written in Delphi. Jon will provide us with a demonstration of how QTX works. Here, the compiled code will run in your browser or server-side through node.js. You do not need Delphi or any other technology to run your QTX projects.

Since Quartex is targeting web technology instead of a native chipset, it is able to go places that native applications cannot. It also means that the project is not just limited to a single platform like Windows, Linux, or macOS but it can also be deployed to mobile and embedded devices. Best of all, this standalone project is completely available for free. The video also concludes with a Q&A session with Jim McKeeth

If you want to know more about Quartex Pascal, feel free to watch the video below.  

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