Cue Player One by Baxel Data is one program for theater to control sound, video, lights, and accessories using one cue list, one computer, one operator and it is built in Delphi! The Cue Player family of professional grade software for theater includes Cue Player Premium and Cue Player Lighting. According to Baxel Data their software is in use in over 1000 theaters, churches, and schools worldwide. Baxel Data also says “there are many more local, or community, theater groups that needed something they could have on a laptop or portable computer they could bring into the venue just for the performances.” Cue Player One was born of this need says Baxel Data. It combines the sound and lighting features of their mainline software into one program and one cue list. Cue Player One has deep integration with theater hardware units like DMX interfaces to control the lighting and a MIDI surfaces.


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