Everything You Need To Know About the New InterBase Driver For Python

Databases play a fundamental role not just in Windows application development but also in all different platforms. A database provides a structured and efficient way to store, retrieve, and manage data. Incorporating a database into application development is important for many reasons. For instance, it provides scalability features to handle the increasing volume of data and user requests. By leveraging databases effectively, developers can build robust, high-performance applications that meet the evolving needs of users and businesses.

To do so, what you need is a powerful database that is equipped with all the features you need. For a Python user, there are a vast option to choose from when it comes to database framework. As Python continues to grow as a versatile, widely used programming language, having the right database to store and organize data is key for building robust applications. SQLite and MySQL are some of the few popular database frameworks for Python but the options are growing.

Introducing InterBase Driver for Python

For instance, InterBase for Python was recently released last year. In this video from the recently concluded Coding Bootcamp 2023, Priyatham and Lucas Belo will not just give us an overview but will walk us through this new database framework and witness it in action. Interbase is a database management system developed by Embarcadero. It is a full-featured, high-performance, ultra-fast, encryptable, scalable relational, and embeddable multiplatform SQL Database. It also comes with commercial-grade data security, disaster recovery, and change synchronization. It is also a great option for developers who are looking to embed a low-cost, secure database into their cross-platform connected applications.

Interbase Driver for Python, on the other hand, as the term suggests, is a Python package that implements support for the Interbase development stack.  To make the integration possible, you will need the Delphi4Python (D4D) library.

In this video, Lucas and Priyatham will use DelphiVCL for the Python library to create a desktop GUI application. This particular library provides a huge set of GUI components to build any type of GUI application in Python. Here, each VCL component will be wrapped in Delphi and will be deployed to a Python package. The video will also highlight the use of D4P exporter, a tool to export the design GUI applications design code to Python.

Feel free to watch the video below to learn more.

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