Explore Delphi with the new Windows 11 and macOS Running on ARM CPU

Now that Windows 11 will shortly be available to everyone, a vast number of changes are expected to happen after the massive upgrade. While Windows 10 is already taking advantage of the recent versions of ARM to speed up the emulation on the device, the upcoming update of Windows and the introduction of ARM64EC will bring a great number of benefits to the developers and will surely bring tons of changes to windows application development.

In this TCoffee and Code session, Jim McKeeth will be joined by Olaf Monien will discuss everything about Windows 11 and macOS on ARM. They will explore these features using the newest version of Delphi (10.4.2 Delphi Sydney).

ARM vs Intel X86: Which is Better?

This 2-hour long virtual coffee conversation will highlight everything about the new Windows 11 update and what it means for Windows on ARM. The two will discuss and provide a comparison between Intel x86 and ARM and will share their thoughts on which of the two aforementioned architectures is better. ARM is the CPU architecture used by all modern smartphones in both the Android and Apple ecosystems today and is considered to be more energy-efficient than Intel.

Do you want to learn about Intel Architectures?

The discussion will also highlight not just the major differences between ARM and Intel but will also provide focus to four Intel architectures such as Intel X86, 64 Bit, RISC-V, and Itanium. They will also provide a comparison between the two implementations of RISC – ARM, and RISC-V and which one is more flexible. Here, we will also learn how advantageous the new Windows 11 update is to the developers. To top it all, we will also get a chance to witness a live demo as the two explore Windows 11 on ARM. We will also get to see how it runs smoothly on InterBase and FireMonkey.

To learn more about ARM on desktop (Windows and macOS), feel free to join McKeeth and Monien in this video below.

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