Application Programming Interfaces or simple APIs play a very huge role in windows app development. One of its core functions is to simplify software development and innovation by enabling applications to exchange data and functionality easily and securely. An API is a set of defined rules that explain how computers or applications communicate with one another. Interestingly, in this video from the recently concluded DelphiCon 2021, we will not just have a deeper understanding of how API works but will also introduce us to APILayer which was recently acquired by Idera (Embarcadero Parent company).

Understanding How API works and RESTful API’s Fundamental Requirements

APIs are generally very simple to understand and some developers might have been using them for quite some time. However, for people who are very new about it, Victor Fernandes will help you better understand what APIs are, through a very clever analogical comparison. In this video, he uses restaurants as a perfect example. Here, the restaurant acts as the server and the customers are the clients or developers. APIs, on the other hand, are the services that the restaurant can offer while the orders represent the API request. Fernandes will also discuss the 6 fundamental requirements of RESTful APIs.

What is APILayer?

This session will also introduce us to the APILayer and its core features. APILayer is a very useful tool for developers as it provides a great number of easy-to-use REST API micro-services. It includes some useful GEO API tools to provide real-time flights and historical information and a handful of finance-related APIs for currency conversion, cryptocurrency exchange, market stock, and more. APILayer also provides high-quality and real-time data APIs to boost efficiency and ease the burden on your backend. These include tools like Weatherstack for real-time world weather data, aviationstack for real-time and historical flight tracking, and many more.

The video will also provide us with some demos on how to use some of the APIs and how easy it is to connect RAD Studio with these APIs through REST. To know more about APILayer, feel free to watch this short webinar below.

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