Nowadays, developing an app for a single platform is no longer sufficient. In order to welcome new ideas and features and also to widen your target market, you must come up with a product or software that can be accessed across multiple devices or platforms. It means that aside from Windows app development, an application must be compatible with other operating systems like macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. You need to be using IDE software which can support creating apps suitable for multiple different operating system targets.

This is what we are about to learn from this session by David Intersimone from the recently concluded DelphiCon.

How can I create multi-platform Applications with Delphi, FireMonkey, and other technologies?

This programming session will discuss and demonstrate using Delphi and FireMonkey to create multi-platform applications using technology news feeds, Google Cloud APIs, Air Quality REST calls, JSON, RSS, Atom, InterBase/IBLite, etc. Here, we will learn how to handle multiple sources of information, APIs, data formats, and real-world multi-platform specific tips and techniques along with a series of video demonstrations and hands-on applications.

Interestingly, this presentation is based on some programming projects that David Intersimone has been doing for the last several months. He came to realized that there is a lot of forest fire incidents happening in various parts of the world especially in areas like California, Northwest, and the United States. He decided to develop an app that can provide details about air quality, humidity, and other related environmental information at any given time.

He came across Purple Air, a manufacturer of air quality sensors, and discovered that the website provides a map and a way to get an HTML widget and API. From here, he decided to build his first Tablet PC Application. This is where the multi-platform exploration began. He took the widget information provided by Purple Air and put it inside of an HTML local file. The video will show us how he took advantage of Delphi and FMX as well as how he managed to handle multiple sources of information, INI files, APIs, and data formats.

To learn more about how David managed to build this app from scratch, gather information from various sources up to its deployment, feel free to watch this video below. 

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