TCoffee and Code is an informal virtual meeting series on YouTube launched by Embarcadero Technologies in response to the current pandemic situation. Now that everyone is embracing the work-from-home environment, some of the Embarcadero MVPs will utilize the YouTube platform to provide you with online webinars, tutorials, and online discussions about the latest and the most in-demand topics in the industry today.

What are the latest Industry Trends today?

For the very first TCoffee and Code session, Stephen Ball was joined by Marco Cantu to discuss all the latest trends in the industry today including those new windows tools for developers. This one-hour-long virtual meeting will highlight both the latest Windows and Mobile trends that are seemingly shaping up the industry. One of which is the recently introduced Microsoft Project Reunion that provides a vast of changes to the Windows App development platform by introducing new components and tools that is considered to be the largest change since WinRT and UWP were originally introduced with Windows 8

What are the latest mobile trends?

Aside from the Windows 10 Trends, this virtual coffee meeting also discusses some of the latest mobile trends. Some of the highlighted topics include the leading Native App Platform for mobile app development as well as the rising new cross-platform like Flutter (Google’s UI toolkit for crafting beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, desktop, and web). They also discuss the advantage of using the FMX technology and how some of its features are absolutely ahead of some of the trends today.

Marco Cantu and Stephen Ball share insights about the future of RAD studio and things we should expect soon. To learn more about the latest industry trends, feel free to watch this video below.

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