For programmers, building and testing their codes could be a tedious and repetitive process. If done manually, this task could result in boredom and it will surely affect their overall productivity. This is where automation comes into play. In this new TCoffee and Code session Jim McKeeth and guests discuss the advantages and disadvantages of automated processes and how they can effectively improve productivity and modernize the workflow.

Joining McKeeth is Wagner Landgraf of TMS Software and Glenn Dufke of GlennKonnekt. Here, they share their thoughts on why is it important to automate and what are things should go on with automation. Generally, automation’s core function is to help programmers save time and money. Instead of dealing with the same tasks during windows application development or when building or testing codes, automation will bypass the manual process and will help programmers code faster and easier.

The team also discuss Automation Theory as well as the tools you can use to apply automation. Other noteworthy topics from this discussion include automated testing, automated deployment, model-driven development, artificial intelligence, and more. They also address various automation-related queries from their followers.

If you wish to know more about automation, workflows, and modernization, feel free to join this great team of developers and learn more.   

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