Developer Michal Mutl with MiTeC has a powerful enhanced task manager utility available which is built in Delphi. The features in this enhanced task manager make it one of the most advanced task managers for Windows that I have seen. There are so many features here it’s incredible. According to the feature list Task Manager Deluxe (TMX) provides real-time observing of: running processes, installed services and drivers, available network adapters, network connections by process, network traffic, disk and I/O utilization, active terminal sessions, autostart entries, cpu usage, frequency and other advanced stats, gpu usage and gpu engines usage, memory map and utilization, system information, opened/locked files finder, machine journal, user account list, monitor layout view, and windows available updates. This is a great example of a native Delphi application and the speed and power that a native application can bring to a solution. It also features both light and dark modes which is a nice touch (and super easy in Delphi)!


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