Detecting memory leaks is a very important task for any Windows app development. In programming languages like Delphi and C++, the programmer can dynamically allocate additional memory to hold data and variables that are required for the moment but not used throughout the program. When those memory areas are no longer needed, the programmer must remember to deallocate them, otherwise, it will result in leaks. In this video from the recently concluded DelphiCon 2021, we will learn more about the plugin called Deleaker that is exclusively dedicated to catching memory leaks.

What does the Deleaker plugin do?

The release of RAD studio 10.4 added significant new and enhanced windows capabilities throughout the product in addition to the major productivity and performance enhancement across supported platforms. This also includes the unified memory management that makes Deleaker an effective and relevant tool for RAD Studio. In this video, Artem Razin will show how the Deleaker integrates with Rad Studio 10.4 Sydney and assists developers to find and fix leaks.

This 11-minute video will not just introduce the aforementioned plugin but will also show us how it works and how it can efficiently and quickly detect leaks. Interestingly, Deleaker has a friendly user interface for you to set up the environment and see the results (hit counts, size, source file name and call stack, and more). The Deleaker acts as a memory profile for both Delphi and C++ builders that helps fix memory loss as well as leaks of handles and other resources. The plugin is tightly integrated with RAD studio to allow developers to locate the source of leaks even without leaving the IDE.

To learn more about this RAD Studio plugin, feel free to watch the video below.

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