TCoffee and Code Session is a weekly virtual meeting where developers will discuss everything about the programming industry. This informal coffee conversation will gather some of the leading developers in the industry to address different topics and share their own thoughts and insights about them. In this video, Ian Barker was joined by his fellow Embarcadero MVPs Jim Mckeeth, and Alister Christie of Learn Delphi TV to talk about the importance of Code Profiling, Static Code Analysis, SQL Performance, and Memory Leak detection.

What is the advantage of static program Analysis and code profiling?

One of the first topics being highlighted in this live discussion is the importance of static program analysis and how this process can help programmers in optimizing compilers to produce efficient code. This is where programmers analyze the behavior of a computer program or software without actually running them. With the help of some popular windows tools for developers like Delphi Audits, Peganza’s Pascal Analyzer, Pascal Expert, and TMS FixInsight, the developers will not just optimize the program but also helps them detect errors ahead of time. They will also share some helpful code optimization tips. Here, we will also get to know more about certain Code Profilers that are used by developers to help identify performance problems without having to touch their code.

Why is memory leak detection so important?

We will also learn the importance of detecting memory leaks and how they can affect an entire server if it is left unfixed. The memory leak is a type of resource leak that occurs when a computer program incorrectly manages memory allocations in a way that memory, which is no longer needed, is not released. Here, we’ll get to know some of the popularly used tools to detect Memory Leaks including FastMM and Deleaker. The discussion will also briefly highlight managing SQL Performance and the use of SQL Server Profiler.

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