ImageLab is a native Windows-based multi-sensor imaging tool for processing and analyzing hyperspectral images built in Delphi. It targets research in science and technology where spectrally resolved images are utilized. According to the developer “ImageLab provides multi-sensor support for hyperspectral imaging. This enables researchers to extract information from spectrally resolved images which cannot be obtained otherwise. ImageLab supports a long list of spectroscopic methods (i.e. uvvis, infrared, Raman, energy dispersive xray, THz, mass spectroscopy, and more) and is used in a broad range of applications (e.g. detecting particles in air, scanning tissue for cancer cells, uncovering ultrafine cracks in steel and more). Despite the sheer size of the application (approx. 750,000 lines of Delphi code) this new and unique application has been developed within 5 years from scratch (thanks to RAD Studio and the SDL Component Suite).”


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