After introducing us to the process of debugging from the previous session, Jim Mckeeth is back and this time, to discuss the different concepts of database designs for creating data-aware applications. This video is taken from the recently concluded Coding Boot Camp 2022, a comprehensive and interactive curriculum that aimed to teach us the fundamentals of programming using Delphi including various processes, methods, and functions that play huge roles not just in Windows program development, but also with other platforms. The majority of the topics will be based on Dr. Kevin Bond’s How to Program Effectively in Delphi for AS/A Level Computer Science book.

What you should know about databases?

In this session, Jim Mckeeth will help us understand databases and the different concepts of database designs for creating data-aware applications.  This topic is considered to be a high-level introduction to some concepts for database development. We already came across various webinars and even the TCoffee and Code sessions that briefly introduced us to databases and data access. A database is essentially an organized collection of data stored and accessed electronically. A Database Management System or DMBS, on the other hand, is software that interacts with the database. Jim Mckeeth analogically compared a database to a spreadsheet where each table represents a sheet, and a table is made up of rows and columns.

Aside from the fundamentals of a database, the session will also highlight various database operations including DCL (Data Control Language), DDL (Data Definition Language), DML (Data Manipulation Language), and DQL (Data Query Language). Mckeeth will also introduce us to various concepts of database designs including the idea of Null, relational DBMS, and more. It will also highlight some of the data types of databases including Char, Varchar, float, and integer to name a few.

We will also get a deeper insight into Embarcadero’s Interbase, a relational database management system that is described as an ultrafast, scalable, embeddable SQL database with commercial-grade data security, disaster recovery, and change synchronization. Its small footprint, close to zero administration requirements, and multi-generational architecture are what separates Interbase from other RDBMS. The video will also showcase samples and demonstrations so you can see how this database management system works.

To learn more, feel free to watch the video below.   

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