25 modules with exercises for beginners. Textbook created as part of the Embarcadero academic program


Kalmykov Yu.V., a specialist in the field of programming, author of scientific articles and textbooks, including “Teaching manual for teaching programming in Delphi for schools.” The presented manual is the result of 25 years of pedagogical experience as a teacher of the Department of Informatics and Control Processes of MEPhI and SUNTs-1 of the Moscow State Technical University. N.E. Bauman; the teacher of the Lyceum No. 1511 at MEPhI, and then the Lyceum No. 1580 at the MSTU. N.E. Bauman; OGE and USE expert in informatics; chairman of the jury of the Moscow Olympiad for schoolchildren in computer science (1995-2003); the head of a team of students in the city of Moscow, which successfully performed at the final stages of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren in computer science (1995-2003).

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