Frame Tabs Demo lets you easily build a set of tabbed navigation pages for your Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, or Linux app. Using the Frames feature in Delphi, you can isolate and re-use code and UI elements in multiple places. This makes it easy to create a consistent look and feel across your app. Frame Tabs Demo is a cross-platform application built using a single code base. This makes it easy to maintain and update your app.

Download the full cross-platform Frame based Tabs interface source code on Github.

This demo is part of over 100 cross-platform demos with everything from camera demos to emoji demos and painting demos.

Is in a good idea to create re-usable elements in software development?

In software development, re-usable elements are pieces of code or functionality that can be used in multiple places within a single project, or across different projects. There are many benefits to creating re-usable elements, including improved code quality and efficiency, reduced development time, and the ability to share code between team members. However, there are also some potential drawbacks to re-usable elements, such as the need for ongoing maintenance and the risk of introduce errors into multiple parts of the codebase. When deciding whether to create re-usable elements, developers must weigh the advantages and disadvantages carefully to determine if the benefits outweigh the risks.


What does some source code of this project look like?

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