The Embarcadero Technology YouTube Channel recently launched a new “Welcome to Delphi” series that is composed of short videos showcasing various demos and tutorials on how to get started with Delphi. When it comes to windows application development, Delphi VCL should always be your top choice. First of all, Visual Component Library or VCL is based on the Windows API which makes all the applications that are built in it, extremely fast and efficient. In this video, Alister Christie of LearnDelphi TV shares a quick introduction to targeting Windows with Delphi and VCL.

How to make a VCL application the quick and easy way in Delphi

Delphi is demonstrably one of the easiest programming languages to learn. Its low-code development platform uses visual interfaces with simple logic and drag-and-drop features instead of extensive coding languages. In this video, Alister builds the classic “add items to a list box” demo where we could learn how to build a simple VCL app that only requires less coding.

To get started, click on the “Create a New VCL Application” from the Delphi IDE welcome page. This will prompt you to the form and you can start by adding controls that you can obtain from the Tool Palette. From here, you can add buttons, a list box, and an Edit box to name a few.

The versatile form designer allows you to rearrange elements according to your own preferences. Alister will also guide us through how to make the user interface a bit friendlier by adjusting some properties and events on the controls. He also looks at the various files that are generated by Delphi and explains how they relate to the project.

Coding is relatively very simple and you can make yourself even more productive using some keyboard shortcuts. To learn more about how to make your first VCL app in Delphi, feel free to watch the short tutorial below.

Why not download a free trial of the latest version of Delphi and follow along with the video?

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