Developer Zudomon (Nick Pützer) has been building an impressive procedural game called StoneQuest and 3D engine in Delphi. He has put in over 12,000 hours since 2011 building the engine and game. The whole game and content is less than 15MB in size! One of the goals of the developer is for him to build it entirely himself in Delphi. The current gameplay is reminiscent of Minecraft. According to the developer “I use a lot of procedural content. All the models are created by code only. This mean, later I can do many different models from them! My engine is able to spread microgeometry over the world, real tiny 3d models. Every grass blade and clover plant is real and interact with players. Every cube face of the voxel world has it’s own texture. I only have a few procedural textures yet. They doesn’t repeat. There are dynamic volumetric 3d clouds. And volumetric fog in the valley, where sun rays shine through the trees. For me atmospheric and immersion is a very important thing.” The project is still in active development but you can download and play it in it’s current state. At this point it is a work of art which is beautiful to behold.



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