Alister Christie’s videos have been featured numerous times here on and most of his content provided us with a great number of useful tips and tricks on how to code faster in Delphi. Aside from his book “Code Faster in Delphi”, he also manages site that shares everything we should know on how to maximize your Delphi Windows program development productivity. In this video, Alister will introduce us to the Delphi IDE.

Introduction to the Delphi IDE

Delphi IDE is undeniably powerful. While it is considered to be one of the user-friendly IDEs today, some beginners might still find it a little intimidating. In this video Alister takes us on the grand tour, demonstrating various aspects of the IDE using one of Delphi’s many sample projects. When you first start Delphi, you will be greeted with the welcome page and from here, you can see the list of recent projects that you can also add to your favorites for easy access. From here, you can also create, and open a sample or an existing project.

For this video, Alister will demonstrate the VCL Split View sample project. Once the application is loaded, you will see the design service for the form. The video will guide us through the parts of the IDE and some notable shortcuts to help you navigate faster. Some parts that were highlighted in this quick demo include the Object Inspector, Structure View, Project View, Data Explorer, and the Tool Palette to name a few.

Much of the IDE’s layout is customizable and you can just adjust things and save those layouts according to your preferences. To learn more about Delphi IDE, feel free to watch this brief introduction video below.

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