How to Effectively Add a WOW Factor to Your Apps

When building an application whether using Delphi or any other language, the first thing to consider is how to make the app work and make sure that it serves its function. However, if you really want to develop a great app, simply serving its purpose is not just enough. Whether it is a Windows application development or a mobile app, it is equally important to create a good impression on the end-users. This can be done by building a visually appealing user interface and providing a satisfying user experience.

What are the Secrets of WOW Factor Apps?

In this quick webinar, Embarcadero MVP, Ian Barker will share some tricks and tips on how to effectively add a wow factor to your Delphi app. Barker describes a wow factor app as an app that serves its purpose while looking visually amazing too. Having these wow factors will surely leave a great impression on users. Barker also emphasized two notable apps that are commonly found in giant platforms like Microsoft, Apple, and Google. These are the Weather app and the Calculator app respectively.  On nearly all platforms, the weather and calculator apps are used to showcase new designs, controls, and techniques.

When you are trying to make your apps look cool, as Delphi programmers, the choice is really which framework to use. Should you use VCL and take advantage of Firemonkey FMX’s cross-platform features? Both frameworks have advantages depending on the kind of app you are working with. Delphi users can also take advantage of 3rd party frameworks. Skia4Delphi, for instance, is an excellent tool that offers tons of possibilities to turbocharge your Firemonkey and VCL apps. This third-party library can be used effectively in Delphi to transform the GUI of your apps into something more visually appealing. It comes with many useful components to achieve the style you desire for your apps.

In addition to Skia4Delphi, Barker also mentioned other tools like Almediadev that provide Fluent UI, Theme, and Styles. The webinar also briefly highlights various image and animation resources that developers can take advantage of, including sites like svgrepo for free SVGs, for free icons, and for tons of free Lottie animations. To know more on how to add a wow factor to your app, feel free to watch the webinar below.

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