Can a programming language like Delphi be used as a weapon in a battle? Well, in this video, we are about to witness a battle but not the kind of fight you initially thought it would be. Delphi developers will be using Delphi in a very interesting real-world coding challenge against other leading frameworks such as Microsoft WPF and Electron. This video from the recently concluded DelphiCon 2023 takes us through the details of the contest and how Delphi performed during and after the challenge. How did Delphi manage to win? 

Delphi Vs WPF vs Electron

One of the developers representing Delphi was Embarcadero MVP Ian Barker who was tasked to recreate the Windows Calculator App. Barker took advantage of Delphi’s capability by creating not just one but eight fully working apps including three different types of Windows app, an iOS app, an Android app, a regular web app, a PWA web app, and an Electron app. In this video, Barker will demonstrate how each app is created, the theory behind the approach he took, and what were particular frameworks used to implement each application. For instance, the Fluent UI version utilized the StyleControls from AlmediaDEV while TMS Web Core was used for all the web app types.

Be mindful that in this competition, each developer was timed, and also followed certain metrics, including the design approach, total lines of code, and the lines of code needed to implement the User interface. So how did Delphi do? The competitors were undeniably popular, and they do come with their own strengths. Delphi, however, managed to beat the opposing frameworks in many aspects. Thanks to Delphi’s low code environment, the developers managed to complete the Windows Calculator clone in an average of 4.66 hours against Electron and WPF which took 10 and 30-hours development time respectively.

It also took Delphi only 72 lines of code to implement the user interface. It is safe to say that Delphi developers crushed this competition, proving that there is really nothing you can’t do with RAD Studio.  It can do more than just a Windows program development. It can target almost all operating systems and even the web from a single code base and project. Generally, the possibilities are beyond expectations!

To know more about this Delphi milestone, feel free to watch the video below!

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