Python and Delphi are currently two of the leading programming languages today not just for Windows program development but also for other platforms. Both are mature languages and established a good reputation in the programming industry. Python was introduced in 1989 while Delphi was introduced in 1995 but uses Object Pascal which has been around since the 1970s.  Delphi is best known for its Rapid application development aspects and GUI applications while Python has become a language of choice for data mining and data analytics applications. In this video, we will look deeper into the Python4Delphi Library which manages to combine the strengths of the two aforementioned languages.

How to Use Python4Delphi Library in Delphi?

After providing a quick overview of the PyScripter from his last talk at the recently concluded Coding Booth Camp 2022, Kiriakos Vlahos will walk us through another impressive library that merges the strengths of Python and Delphi. Python has become a language of choice for data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence and it comes with a huge number of packages available for Delphi developers. Using the Python4Delphi library, you will gain access to Python libraries from your Delphi application. In addition to that, the library also provides ways to create extension modules that can be used directly by Python applications.

Python4Delphi library also provides ways of wrapping Delphi class records and interfaces so they can be directly used in your Python application.  Some of the notable main components of this library include PythonEngine, PythonModule, PythonType, PythonInputOutput, and PyDelphiWrapper to name a few. Kiriakos will also provide a series of sample demos showcasing Python4Delphi’s components using both low-level and high-level approaches. He will also introduce us to components like TPythonModule and TPyDelphiWrapper.

To discover more of Python4Delphi’s capabilities, feel free to watch the video below and see how Delphi developers can benefit from this Python-Delphi synergy.  

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