In this video, Alister Christie of Learn Delphi TV will give us an overview of the REST Debugger tool in Delphi and will demonstrate to us how to use it to connect to Twitter using the OAuth Authentication method. The REST Debugger in Delphi is a tool for making ad hoc requests. With this tool, you can use different authentication methods to connect to services such as Google API or Twitter. You can send a request to the specified service and view the response. Here, we will also learn how this feature becomes one of the most important windows app development tools in Delphi.

In this video, Alister will demonstrate the procedure comprehensively. To make this method possible, you will need to use Twitter’s OAuth. Generally, OAuth allows an authorized Twitter developer app to access private account information or perform a Twitter action on behalf of a Twitter account. To learn more about this feature, feel free to watch the Learn Delphi Tutorial above. The video will also show you how to build a very basic application in Delphi which includes the use of the REST Debugger.


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