The Things You Missed From Delphi 27th Anniversary Webinar

In this Learn Delphi video, we will take a look at another interesting feature in FireMonkey. Alister Christie will demonstrate to us how to create a list in a FireMonkey multi-device application using RAD Studio Berlin where the item height automatically adjusts itself depending on the content. In this video, he will clearly explain how to calculate text dimensions and how to dynamically adjust the item height in a ListView so that the text fits inside.

This 17-minute long video will provide you a comprehensive instruction on how to use this particular feature in FireMonkey. Alister Christie has been sharing a great number of useful tips and tricks about Delphi including some hand keyboard shortcuts to help you code faster in Delphi and windows ide. This video, however, is not a trick but more of a highlight of one of Delphi Berlin’s notable features. If you want to learn more, feel free to watch the video above. Enjoy!


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