Alister Christie is the brilliant mind behind the Learn Delphi TV. He also runs a YouTube channel where he has created many hours of Learn Delphi video tutorials to help aspiring developers learn Delphi Programming in the most efficient and effective ways. The main aim of his video tutorials and demonstrations is to help you code faster and better in Delphi. His tips and tricks are both applicable for beginners and experts who want to expand their programming and coding proficiency especially when they are attempting to develop windows software.

He recently came up with a video series providing tutorials about a wide range of topics from useful keyboard shortcuts that help you code faster to some of the most obscure syntax discoveries he encountered. In this particular Learn Delphi video, he will demonstrate how to take advantage of the way the FireMonkey controls can be the parent of other controls to lay them out simply. The video demonstrates how Alister aligned a bunch of labels and edits. Watch the video above and learn more.

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