Quad Engine is an open source DirectX game engine built in Delphi which also offers bindings for C++ and C#. Blast-off is a showcase game built in the quad Engine and available on Stream. It is described as “Blast-off is a hardcore jumper/runner/shmup, where your alter ego will be a ball of anti-matter seeking to leave our Universe. Anti-matter is extremely difficult to exist in our universe, because when it contact with matter it annihilates. This forces the hero to reach super-fast speed to break through the space-time and break through the limit, where he will find peace in the void.” The game engine itself has 10 different demos showing how to use various features in the engine. Additionally, there is a showcase section with 12 different games plus full source code built with the quad Engine. Quite an impressive feat of engineering in a small package.

Game Engine

http://quad-engine.com/ (on GitHub)

On Steam


Screenshot Gallery

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