Alister Christie recently launched a book entitled Code Faster in Delphi. As what the title of the book connotes, the book will teach and help you to become more productive and efficient in Delphi IDE. This video is part of his DelphiCon presentation in which he will share some great fraction of his book. Some of these include effective keyboard shortcuts in the Delphi code editor which can help you save an enormous amount of typing and pointless waving around of the mouse.

His book covers a lot of interesting new tricks that both beginners and experts can apply to their respective Delphi and windows program development projects. The keyboard shortcuts alone already cover 10 pages of his book and he will share a generous amount of information in this 29-minute-long DelphiCon presentation. If you want to learn some tips and tricks that you can use to make you more productive and efficient in Delphi, grab this opportunity and watch this interesting DelphiCon presentation above.


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