Delphi in Depth: FireDAC by Cary Jensen

  • Delphi in Depth: FireDAC by Cary Jensen

Cary Jensen, best-selling, award-winning author of over twenty-five software books, just published a book on Delphi FireDAC.

Accompanying source code is available online.

  • Learn how to connect to a wide variety of databases

  • Optimize your connection configurations

  • Explore the world of indexes, searches, and filters

  • Discover the power of persisted datasets

  • Create flexible queries using macros and FireDAC scalar functions

  • Achieve blazing performance with Array DML

  • Master the art of cached updates

  • Add sophisticated features using Local SQL

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction

  • Chapter 1: Overview of FireDAC

  • Chapter 2: Connecting to Data

  • Chapter 3: Configuring FireDAC

  • Chapter 4: Basic Data Access

  • Chapter 5: More Data Access

  • Chapter 6: Navigating and Editing Data

  • Chapter 7: Creating Indexes

  • Chapter 8: Searching Data

  • Chapter 9: Filtering Data

  • Chapter 10: Creating and Using Virtual Fields

  • Chapter 11: Persisting Data

  • Chapter 12: Understanding FDMemTables

  • Chapter 13: More FDMemTables: Cloned Cursors and Nested DataSets

  • Chapter 14: The SQL Command Preprocessor

  • Chapter 15: Array DML

  • Chapter 16: Using Cached Updates

  • Chapter 17: Understanding Local SQL

  • Appendix A: Code Download, Database Preparation, and Errata

  • Index

Cary Jensen is Chief Technology Officer of Jensen Data Systems, Inc., a Texas-based company that specializes in Internet and database development training and consulting, and winner of two Delphi Informant Magazine Readers Choice Awards for Best Training.

Cary is an award-winning, best-selling author of over 25 books. His latest books are:Delphi in Depth: FireDAC and Delphi in Depth: ClientDataSets, 2nd Edition.

Cary also wrote a reference on ADS, Advantage Database Server: A Developer’s Guide, 2nd Edition (Amazone, 2010). Other books include: Delphi in Depth: ClientDataSets, Building Kylix Applications (McGraw-Hill), JBuilder Essentials (Osborne/McGraw-Hill), Delphi In Depth (Osborne/McGraw-Hill), Oracle JDeveloper (Oracle Press), and Programming Paradox 5 for Windows. (Sybex). He is currently working on his twenty-third book.

Cary is an author and speaker for the Delphi Developer Days 2001-present seminar and workshop tours in the United States and Europe, and was the author and speaker for the Advantage Developer Days seminars. A frequent speaker at conferences, workshops, and seminars throughout much of the world, he is widely regarded for his self-effacing humor and practical approaches to complex issues. Cary has a Ph.D. from Rice University in Engineering Psychology, specializing in human-computer interaction.


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