7 Reasons Why Low Code Is A Powerful Force In 2021

Today’s software is definitely at the pinnacle (so far) of a slope of increasing usefulness, complexity, and power which began decades ago in the 1970s and 1980s. Our modern programs can do things now which were unimaginable when the IBM PC first launched and even when the earliest versions of Windows and Macintosh wowed us with WYSIWYG displays. Now it’s common to have programs that casually incorporate advanced machine learning, massively interconnected data sources, and the ability to use peripherals such as fingerprint or face recognition and near-field payment systems. A lot of that has become so ubiquitous that we forget we are holding that Sci-fi-become-real modern way of life in the palm of our hands in the form of a mobile phone.

This wonderworld of computer enhancement can add immense depth to what we humans can do, even in our regular daily lives. But functionality comes at a price: software complexity. Complex software demands better design patterns and architecture to avoid making it a hard job and an impossible one. It needs more time, which means more money. Also, there’s a learning curve that can thwart new developers who have no knowledge of good practices and design patterns.

As a developer, employing low code techniques can give you a sound foundation and a huge jump-start for your project. Low code generates a substantial amount of your application’s functionality and user interface for you with a very small amount of work. With the use of the Windows Application Development tool, you can build on the sound structure and add additional custom functionality if necessary, filling out the features with a low amount of extra code of your own.

What are the benefits of Low Code?

  1. Low code focuses your coding efforts on only the specialized and unique parts of your application rather than the ‘scaffolding’ code to actually make the app’s “boring bits” work in the first place.
  2. Use your existing talents to rapidly develop applications for your business.
  3. Use auto-generation, toolkits, wizards, and visual user interfaces to improve your productivity and provide a standardized, tried and tested look, feel and functionality.
  4. Great for agile software development – gets a minimum viable product ready really quickly.
  5. Low code means lower development time and that means decreased labor costs.
  6. Low code means fewer places for the bugs to hide!
  7. Better customer experiences by using existing familiar and consistent functionality and user experience which leverages professional code written by experts adding the wisdom and experience of additional professional developers to your own.

How can I do low code in Delphi?

Before we start, it’s worth pointing out that Delphi, by design, has always been a low-code solution. The “RAD” part of RAD Studio Delphi stands for “Rapid Application Development”. The component-based design of Delphi forms, the VCL, and Firemonkey FMX has always meant Delphi developers have always been writing far less code than alternative solutions.

But there’s more waiting to help you be a low code powerhouse. The Firemonkey Low Code App Wizard is your new best friend.

How can I use the RAD Studio Low Code Wizard to produce a fully-working low code program?

To get started with the low code wizard in Delphi, first, you have to install the package from Getit. Open the package manager from Tools-> GetIt Package Manager. Then install the “Firemonkey App Low Code Wizard” package. Then start a new Multi-Device Application, and open a new Firemonkey Template App. That wizard will guide you through the creation of the low code application.

Start by giving a name for your project and a folder to save the project.

Low Code Wizard

In the next step, you can find which screens and codes you want to auto-generate. Select all the screens here.

Low code screen selection

After finishing the wizard, you will get a functional application with some of the screens you need. So you don’t have to start from scratch. Generate applications will be easy to modify. Code is well commented, another developer can take over easily. If you are a new Delphi / Firemonkey developer, this will be a demonstration of best code practices.

Isn’t it time to stop working so hard and instead use the Low Code Firemonkey App Wizard to supercharge your productivity? Download a trial copy of RAD Studio Delphi today and see for yourself what low code can do for you.

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