CodeRage XII 2017 – Replay

  • CodeRage XII 2017 – Replay

November 2017 – 3 days, 58 speakers, 76 sessions

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  • Building mobile apps that connects to Salesforce and SAP/R3 (with Fernando Rizzato)

  • Create a Business Intelligence (BI) Web Site RAD Style with FireDAC, IntraWeb and UniGUI (with Miguel Angel Moreno)

  • Create SCADA Modbus Industrial Control applications, and Devices with ControlLab, and Visuino Pro (with Boian Mitov)

  • Creating JSON Wrapper Classes in Delphi (with Andrew Sovtsov)

  • CrossTalk – Connecting Delphi & C++ to .NET (with Chad Hower)

  • CrossVcl Review (with Eugene Kryukov & Vsevolod Leonov (Seva))

  • Delphi Application Migration (with Al Mannarino)

  • Demystifying OOP with RAD Studio and ORMBr (with Juliomar Marchetti)

  • Design Consideration for Multi-Platform Applications (with Sarina DuPont)

  • Developing Your Own Visuino Components with Delphi (with Boian Mitov)

  • Directly Using the Android API (with Brian Long)

  • Embedding a Chromium browser in a Delphi application (with Alex Ruiz)

  • Fast and Furious IDE Tips and Tricks (with Alister Christie)

  • FireDAC in Depth: Creating and Using Indexes (with Cary Jensen)

  • FixInsight: Finding Bugs with Static Code Analysis (with Roman Yankovsky)

  • FMX Animations (with Ray Konopka)

  • FmxLinux – FireMonkey for Linux (with Eugene Kryukov & Vsevolod Leonov [Seva])

  • IDE Productivity Tips & Tricks (with Ray Konopka)

  • Implementing 2-Step Authentication (with Nirav Kaku)

  • Integrating the Google Places API into a Delphi application (with Alex Ruiz)

  • Integrating with Amazon DynamoDB using Delphi Enterprise CDATA Connector (with Paweł Głowacki)

  • InterBase 2017 ToGo Cross-Platform Development and Deployment (with Al Mannarino)

  • InterBase 2017 Update (with Sriram Balasubramanian)

  • IntraWeb 17 – The Webolution Begins (with Chad Hower)

  • Introducing FMXRTL-bringing Right To Left to FireMonkey (with Ruhollah Akbarzadeh)

  • Introduction to Ext JS for Delphi Developers (with Marco Cantu)

  • Introduction to Sencha Products – Ext JS, Tools, Test, ExtReact, GXT (with Sandeep Adwankar)

  • Matlab/Scilab scripting engine (with Janez Makovsek)

  • Microservices with RAD Server (with Andrew Sovtsov)

  • Modernizing your VCL application (with Danny Wind)

  • New feature of Delphi’s reporting with FastReport VCL 6 (with Denis)

  • OpenGL on Linux (with Craig Chapman)

  • Plurals, Genders and Abbreviated Numbers with Delphi (with Jaakko Salmenius)

  • Preventing and Fixing Coupled Code (with Cary Jensen)

  • Product Address (with Sarina DuPont)

  • Programming Mazes in C++ and Delphi (with David Millington)

  • Simplify and speed-up application development with ORM for Delphi (with Devart)

  • Single Sign-On & Two-Factor Authentication with Facebook & Google Authenticator (with Olaf Monien)

  • Storing Data in Amazon S3 with Delphi (with Paweł Głowacki)

  • The Delphi Parser – Automatic Migration Tool (with Oren Aviram)

  • TMS Business Showcase: REST Server and ORM (XData and Aurelius) (with Wagner Landgraf)

  • Understanding the BlockChain (with Jim McKeeth)

  • Unit Testing & User Interface (with Ruhollah Akbarzadeh)

  • Using PDF Forms as Data Entry User Interfaces in your Delphi Applications (with Girish Patil)

  • VCL Layout Techniques (with Ray Konopka)

  • Working with Linux Libraries in Delphi (with Craig Chapman)

  • Zen and the Art of Software Extensibility (with Bob Calco)

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