Python and Delphi are two of the most powerful programming languages today. The two aforementioned languages have been a top choice by many developers not just for Windows program development but also for other platforms. Both have different strengths depending on the type of program you are developing. Python, for instance, has one of the richest ecosystems especially for data sciences, artificial intelligence, and machine learning while Delphi comes with a great number of components that makes developers more productive. Not to mention its low-code environment that can be extremely beneficial to both beginners and professional developers.

What are the benefits of combining the strengths of two powerful languages?

In this video from the recently concluded Coding Boot Camp 2022, Jim McKeeth will explain to us the greatness of combining the two languages. Whether you are a long-time Delphi user or a Pythonista, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stick to one language as you can freely combine them both to build a more powerful coding environment. The video will give us an overview of the Embarcadero Python Ecosystem. The Python4Delphi library, for instance, serves as a bidirectional bridge between Delphi and Python. This library breaks the barrier that allows Delphi developers easily execute Python scripts in Delphi IDE. It also highlights the use of PyScripter (a popular open-source Python IDE sponsored by Embarcadero).

Pythonistas can also take advantage of components like DelphiVCL4Python et DelphiFMX4Python that give them a mature robust GUI library for developing in Python. The video also highlights new components and libraries such as the FMX App Builder, a standalone application where you can load your Python scripts and deploy the Python app into Android. It also tackles new libraries in Python that Delphi Developers can take advantage of. These include Lightweight Wrappers, Python Environments, and Python4Delphi Data Science and Libraries.

The video will also provide us with an overview of the things we can expect from this Python and Delphi synergy in the near future. To learn more about these Python and Delphi components and libraries, feel free to watch the video below.

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