Coding Boot Camp 2022 – Learn to Program

Our boot camp offers a comprehensive and interactive curriculum that will teach you the fundamentals of programming using Delphi and integrations with popular technologies such as Python and Arduino. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn about more specialized topics, such as game development, web programming, and mobile app development.

Coding boot camp for Python and Adruino

This is the ultimate free boot camp for anyone who wants to learn to program. We are partnering with Dr. Kevin Bond of Educational Computing, the author of a series of board-approved textbooks on computer science. He is providing the foundation for the sessions. Our instructors are computer science educators and other developer experts from around the world, you can be confident that you’re getting the absolute best learning experience possible.

The boot camp is libre and ran from Monday, August 22nd to Friday, August 26th. Replays are now available. Each day started at 8 AM CDT and ran to 5 PM CDT. The sessions were broken into one hour blocks, allowing you to choose the sessions based on interest and also to make it easier to revisit topics you missed or want to review. All sessions include an interactive Q&A session, so join live for maximum learning potential!

All content is appropriate for teenagers 13 and up, adults learning to program, or experienced developers who want to broaden their knowledge into more domains. There is something fun for everyone.

Instructors are computer science educators and other developer experts from around the world — all focused on helping you learn to program and bringing everyone the absolute best learning experience.

The boot camp uses Delphi as the foundation, providing the fundamentals and the core concepts. This gives learners a quick start toward success while also connecting them to all the interesting goals and objectives.

Topics include Games JavaScript Web Python SQL Databases iOS MacOS Android Mobile Linux Windows Desktop Server and Arduino
Topics include: Games, JavaScript, Web, Python, SQL, Databases, iOS, MacOS, Android, Mobile, Linux, Windows, Desktop, Server, and Arduino.

What sessions may be available at the Coding Boot Camp?

Getting Started Programming: Introducing the IDE

Introduction to Programming Constructs: Variables and Arithmetic

What If? Selection Structures for Conditional Execution

Looping and Repeating with Iteration Structures

Text is Strings of Letters

There is a Python in Delphi

Introduction to PyScripter for Python Developers

Python4Delphi: Using Python for Delphi Developers

Python on Android

Unexpected Randomness

Subroutines (Procedures and Functions)

Working with Streams and Textfiles

Working with Lists – List Boxes, Combo Boxes, and Radio Groups

Introduction to single dimensional arrays

Introduction to multi-dimensional arrays

Working with String Grids

Building Native GUI in Python with DelphiVCL

Using Python Libraries from Delphi

DelphiFMX for Python

Introduction Object Oriented Programming – OOP Part 1

OOP Part 2 – Arrays of Objects, Inheritance

OOP Part 3 – Polymorphism, Aggregation

Keeping Secrets with Encryption

Working with Colors and Pictures

Debugging: Finding, Fixing, and Removing Bugs

Going to the Web with Delphi and TMS WEB Core

Concepts of DB design for Creating Data Aware Applications with InterBase and FireDAC

Structured Query Language (SQL) for working with Databases

Working with Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)

Connecting to Microsoft SQL Server Databases from Delphi with FireDAC

Exporting Data to Microsoft Excel from Delphi

Working with REST APIs

Functional Programming and Anonymous Methods in Delphi

100 Cross Platform Examples in FireMonkey

Going Mobile and Cross Platform

Cross Platform

Creating a simple Cross-Platform Game – 1

Creating a simple Cross-Platform Game – 2

Fundamentals of Skia for Cross Platform UI Design

Deploying applications

Sound applications in Delphi

Regular expressions

Check out the full schedule of sessions in the Coding Boot Camp!

Gain the skills you need and want to reach new heights in software development with our 2022 Coding Boot Camp.

By popular demand, we are also working on providing multilingual subtitles, making the learning accessible in other languages too. Lessons include projects to make learning fun. Check back for the schedule and more information as we get closer to the boot camp. In the meantime, be sure you download and install Delphes so you are ready to get started.

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Coding Boot Camp 2022 where you can learn to program

Ready to start learning to program today?

It can be a fun and rewarding experience, as well as a valuable skill to have in today’s economy. We hope the coding boot camp will help you on your journey. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. And be sure to check back often, as we continue to add sessions up until the event. Ready to start learning today?