How to Effectively Secure Your App from Exploitation Data Breaching and Hacking

Successfully developing a working cross platform app is surely a milestone but making it popular among a great number of users is even more satisfying. However, you should be mindful that your journey as a developer will not just end there. In fact, it is just the beginning of your battle. Just because you have mastered how to code and learned all the possible techniques to make your app perform seamlessly or to make it look more visually appealing doesn’t mean you have nothing else to worry about once the app is shipped to the consumers.

If your application works well, chances are, users will love your app and you will surely get the recognition you deserve. However, success might also become a problem. The more successful your app becomes; the more people will target you and attempt to hack your system which might lead you to a bigger problem. Once compromised, your app will be exploited, customers’ data can be stolen, and worse than that, maybe even their whole network is now compromised.

According to the Thales Data Threat Report, almost half of the US companies suffered a data breach in 2021. The number is probably higher due to undetected or unreported breaches. As a developer, this is something you must avoid at all costs. In this video, Embarcadero Developer Advocate Ian Barker will walk us through some effective ways to stop or prevent your app from exploitation, data breaching, and hacking.

Effective Ways to Prevent Your App from Being Compromised. 

One of the effective ways to prevent you from being in such a devastating situation is to attend necessary training or webinars. This will help you understand the real threat and the right solution that you must apply. Another thing that you can do is to use good software and practices such as unit tests, code reviews, and peer/pair programming to name a few.

Code Signing is also a notable procedure that you must not forget whenever you are developing software. Using an encryption protocol like SSL is also equally important in any mobile or Windows application development as it secures data between browsers and servers so it can’t be intercepted. Using systematic multi-vector anti-virus and anti-malware is also highly advisable.

The video will also highlight the use of automatic static code analysis which enables you to find the vulnerabilities in your code. Barker will also introduce us to DerSecur or DerScanner, the newest Embarcadero Technology partner. DerScanner is a high-tech comprehensive application security solution that combines static (SAST), dynamic (DAST), software composition (SCA), and supply chain security (SCS) analysis methods in a single interface, allowing you to identify vulnerabilities and undocumented features in the code of mobile and web applications.

The video will also showcase some demos which allow us to see this amazing tool in action. To learn more about this product, feel free to watch the video below.

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